Versatile developer
for unique projects

I'm happiest when working on unusual, unique projects: leaving customers delighted and enthousiastic rocks my week. I'm analytical, quick to pick up new technologies and ideas and love coming up with small details that subconsciously make a big difference. I love exploring the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. Give me something new to figure out and I'll sink my teeth in. When it results in a spectacular product for an inspiring client, I'm the happiest nerd alive.

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Interactive campus map
With customizable content

An interactive map of the TU Delft campus with realtime per-building news, tweets, public transport information, weather, traffic, flocking birds, flying rockets and a surprise robot! The application ran on a 100" touchscreen in the campus central library, allowing users to find faculties, check faculty calendars, and more.

I built the client application in Unity3D using a variety of first and third party REST API's to make the map come alive. Information displayed on the map could be updated via a CMS, which I built on ASP.NET MVC in C#.

Intuitive voting
just by lifting a finger

An experiment in intuitive, seamless interaction. For a library's book of the week competition, two contenders were placed in a display case featuring a transparent display, instructing passers by to point at the book they wished to nominate, upon which the winning book's vote count was updated, and the display darkened to obscure the other title.

I built the user interface in WPF 4.5 to run on a Samsung transparent display running Windows Embedded, and used the Leap Motion API to handle motion tracking.

Classical masterpieces
come alive in 3D

An experiment in getting schoolchildren engaded with art via virtual reality. A spotlight follows the user's gaze in a museum of classical art, allowing for intuitive interaction without distractions. Works of art can be brought up close to the user, coming alive with the sound of angelic voices, gunfire, murmuring crowds and more.

I built this experiment in Unity3D to run on Google Cardboard, using a variety of API's were used to obtain high-res images of thousands of classical masterpieces.

Visual storytelling
made easy

A big, bright, attractive application that unlocks the treasure trove of digitized heritage in any library, archive or museum. Working with a variety of media, curators can easily click together a story told with photographs, audio, video, tweets, text and more, putting it directly under the fingertips of visitors and educators.

The client was built in WPF 4.5 and the Microsoft Surface 2 Framework, using a variety of social media API's to display, for example, twitter feeds. An easy to use CMS was built on ASP.NET MVC in C#, and used a variety of REST and OAI-PMH API's to obtain content from various sources. Touch tables running this application are currently found in libraries across Europe and North America.

Eurovision scoreboard
for realtime score visualisation

For a real-life gaming experience based on the Eurovision Song Contest, this scoreboard application collected every nation's votes and displayed them on stage, using striking visuals and animations.

The application was built in WPF 4.5 and allowed for interactive, real-time voting mimicking the traditional Eurovision televoting ceremony. Get the code here!

My skills and experience

In the past fifteen years of professional software development I've accumulated a variety of skills and learned to work with many different technologies.

  • seeing sharp

    Having developed in .NET since version 2.0, neither Framework nor Core hold many secrets from me. Over the years I've used many .NET based technologies like WPF, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, UWP and even some XNA. While proficient in non-.NET languages like C++ or Javascript, I'm fluent in C# and practically live in Visual Studio.

  • Fun and Games

    I have experience building virtual reality and game-adjacent applications in Unity3D, dealing with concepts such as 3D sound, multitouch, live data, lightmaps, editor plugins and more.

  • Programming in tight spaces

    Having worked on various projects for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, I'm experienced developing software with little wiggle-room, be it limited memory or laid-back CPU's. After all, the smaller the device, the bigger the challenge!

  • Beyond the mouse and keyboard

    I have worked on a variety of projects that transcend traditional controls and form factors. Massive multitouch screens, transparent displays, motion tracking or wearable devices; if it doesn't have a screen or keyboard, my curiousity is piqued.

  • Telling a story

    I have several years of experience with interactive storytelling and non-linear gaming experiences. Wether digitally or physically, traditional or unconventional, I want each user to experience a story through the things I make.

  • From digital to physical

    An avid 3D printing enthousiast, I have extensive knowledge of 3D printing and have experience designing 3D models in tools such as Fusion 360 and Blender. From polygons to PLA and from normals to nozzles, in my spare time I'm often found tinkering on my prized self-built printer.

Get in touch

Interested? Read my résumé or get in touch via LinkedIn, Instagram or plain old e-mail. You can also call me at +31 (0)6 3877 9507.